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Maxus Wicked Wing Tungsten – Mossy Oak Bottomland


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Wicked looks, wicked performance. Be it a lift kit and bigger tires on the truck, the color of paint on the house, or even a tattoo, most people like a little personalization to separate them from the rest of the pack. Why should a shotgun be any different? Now waterfowlers can choose between a pair of Browning autoloaders with custom touches to make them stand out — in a good way. Wicked Wing autoloaders feature a Cerakote Burnt Bronze camo finish on the receiver and Burnt Bronze on the barrel. The oversize bolt release makes it easier to manipulate with gloves. A fully chromed bore adds corrosion resistance and longevity for year after year of shooting performance.
Don’t lose it when you set it down. Mossy Oaks Bottomland camo is so effective that you’ll want to be careful when it comes to setting it down in the marsh – it might take you a minute to find it again. 
Premium engineered features. The PowerDrive Gas System is capable of cycling a wide range of loads and will take a good deal of the sting out of those 3 1/2″ magnum goose loads. Likewise, the Lightning Trigger, with the fast trigger lock time of any autoloader trigger in its class, will improve your chances of staying on target when you’re trying to reach out to those high flying honkers.
Aluminum alloy construction. This feature of the Maxus receiver contributes to its low overall weight, something the hard core duck hunter will appreciate when you’re lugging 20 decoys in a pack through thigh-deep mud and muck to your favorite spot that no one else is willing to slog to.

Cerakote Tungsten camo finish on the lightweight aluminum alloy receiver; Cerakote Tungsten finish on the barrel
Briley oversize bolt release
Composite stock is shim adjustable for cast, drop and LOP
Speed Load Plus offers faster loading and unloading
TurnKey Magazine Plug is quick to install and remove
Three Goose Band extended choke tubes included (F, M, IC)