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Maxus – Mossy Oak Bottomland


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CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY MEETS A TIME TESTED PATTERNVeterans of the marsh truly appreciate the innovation of the original Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern. Mossy Oak has taken the time tested functionality of the Bottomland pattern and enhanced it. Combine that function with the proven performance of the Maxus and you have an unbeatable combination of proven technologies that will prove lethal to waterfowl in the hands of an experienced hunter.
The Maxus boasts lighting fast trigger lock time, reducing the amount of time between a proper trigger squeeze and shotshell ignition, giving you less time to “foul up” a well-aimed shot. 
Likewise, the PowerDrive gas system operation of the Maxus produces lower measured recoil and muzzle rise than any competing autoloader, with all the reliability and superior performance you can expect from a Browning.