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Citori CXT Micro with Adjustable LOP


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Step up in a little way. It can be a big decision when you are ready to step up to a more advanced competition gun. Especially when you are shooting a Micro. For a young shooter or a smaller shooter. the CXT Micro is a solution like no other. It offers the full selection of features for the smaller, serious trap shooter but still retains a crossover appeal. With full Graco butt pad adjustability, a slightly higher rib, barrel porting and a three-position trigger you are ready to get your fit right. And that will mean more birds hit.
Long haul. In the long haul, a big advantage of the Citori design is that the long haul is very long. Proven durability. Proven reliability. Proven performance. All in a gun at the top of its game. 

High shooting 70/30 POI is ideal for trap 
Graco butt pad plate allows for adjustment of the length of pull (LOP), toe-in/out, and up/down
Gloss finish Grade II American walnut Monte Carlo stock
Gold enhancement
Three Position Trigger with one trigger shoe
Inflex recoil pad
Ivory bead sight and mid-bead
Three extended Midas Grade choke tubes
Eligible for the Growth Insurance Program
Ideal for trap